How These Pros Keep Their Hormones Balanced When They Travel

mindbodygreen - September 6 2017

We’re headed to mbgrevitalize this week, and that means flying across the country. Travel can be hectic, stressful, expose you to a host of germs, and leave you sleep-deprived. In other words, it's the perfect storm of factors that could disrupt our health and leave us feeling less-than-optimal—especially when it comes to our hormones. That's why it's important to have a plan to protect hormone balance so that we can have the energy to really enjoy wherever it is we're traveling.

A Doctor On Why We Should Be Asking Questions About The Pill

mindbodygreen - September 5 2017

Do you really need those pills you’re taking? So much of Western medicine is based on the idea that if you have a health problem, a pharmaceutical drug is the solution. If we get a headache, we take a pill. If we feel nauseous, we take a pill! And it's been for as long as many of us can remember.

This Is The Most Common Hormone Disorder In Women

mindbodygreen - August 22 2017

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is the most common endocrine disorder in women, affecting up to one in five of us. And yet there are still many of us who don’t know we have it, don’t know anything about it, and find it difficult to get the information we need.

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