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The Problem with “Menstrual Leave”

Thursday 10th August 2017

LAST MONTH, TWO firms in India introduced a policy to give female employees a “period day” off each month. Culture Machine and Gozoop, which are both based in Mumbai, launched this “menstrual leave” plan, they say, to fight taboos in the country surrounding menstruation. India isn’t the first country in which this has happened. In March, the Italian parliament considered a proposal for a law that would force all companies to grant three days of paid menstrual leave each month to female employees who experience painful periods. Both stories generated a lot of heated discussion and, in most cases, both sides of the argument tended to miss the point. In the case of the Italian proposal, some cited the statistic that “60 to 90% of women suffer from dysmenorrhea” (pain during menstruation) and praised the measure as a way of ensuring “women no longer have to suffer quietly while at work” while improving productivity. Others said the supposedly progressive bill would harm efforts to “normalize menstruation and to educate others about it”, adding that “such a law will only enforce sexist and damaging stereotypes that women can’t control their ability to combat pain or hormonal changes during their periods.” It’s…


Why Eating Gluten Can Be Reproductive Suicide for Women

Friday 28th July 2017

The incidence of infertility is rising and innumerable women are experiencing menstrual dysfunction of varying types while their OB/GYN doctors scratch their collective heads and send them off to get IVF treatments or just put them on birth control pills when pregnancy is not desired. Sadly, most of these women will never be properly diagnosed with the real cause of their problems-gluten sensitivity. Gluten sensitivity is now recognized as a very common genetic condition, capable of developing at any age. It is acknowledged in learned circles as a significant cause of reproductive and hormonal problems in both men and women. It is my opinion that EVERY SINGLE WOMAN with chronic menstrual dysfunctions, otherwise unexplained infertility and any autoimmune condition should be considered as possibly gluten sensitive and thoroughly evaluated and tried on a gluten-free diet.


Risks of Conventional Hormone Replacement Therapy

Thursday 27th July 2017

This is data from rats but shows that periodic, as opposed to continuous, treatment with estradiol, is protective for the brain from ischemic damage. This article urges research be done in human females to investigate a more physiological approach to estrogen therapy than what is currently being done. This is what I absolutely believe – hormones must be replaced in a physiological manner for there to be maximum benefit and minimal negatives. The conventional manner in which female hormones are given to menopausal women simply makes no sense, as it is not consistent with physiology. Women are cyclic, beautifully rhythmic creatures … not static ones … and must receive hormones consist with how they were designed for them. I know I’m an outlier now, but time will bear me out. The functions of estrogen are well known and highly protective … and after menopause women suffer in varying degrees from hormonal deprivation. Yes … It is natural … but it is so very negative to a woman’s very being. After menopause … women simply dry up! They can get dry eyes, dry bladders, dry vaginas, dry skin, dry arteries, dry brains, dry muscles, dry hearts, dry mouths, dry guts, dry…


Why Breastfeeding is Good for You and Your Baby

Wednesday 26th July 2017

A wonderful article was published last week in the Journal of Women’s Health, relating the most obvious, yet not recognized fact – breastfeeding is really good for the woman doing the nursing. This particular article states that women who breastfeed for at least a year, significantly lower their risk for cardiometabolic diseases. Considering that February is Heart Awareness month, that’s especially welcome news. As you may know, heart attacks and strokes are the leading killers of women, by far, and at aged we really don’t wish to contemplate. Women so often think they are “bullet proof” for cardiovascular problems, and that is so far from the truth. So … why do you think that doing a lot of breast feeding would lower your chance of having a stroke or heart attack anyway? I guess that the answer may not strike you as obvious. Well … the article doesn’t touch on the subject, so here are my thoughts. I’ll number them! Women who breastfeed have lower stress hormones Women who breast feed tend to lose the weight gained during pregnancy better The hormones of breastfeeding, prolactin and oxytocin do wonderful things for your heart, your immune system, and your mood Women…

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